The Wolves are Moving About!

Back on April 2nd, I put forth my theory on what was happening around the world involving America’s military and foreign policy called “The Wolf Kill“. In a nutshell, a single wolf is usually unable to take down a large prey animal without risk of serious injury or death. That is why wolves usually hunt in packs. Our country has had wolves coming in and testing our defenses and making initial passes for sometime.

Some of the wolves are known as W’s Axis of Evil (Iran, North Korea and the current Iraqi insurgents). The wolf kill happens when the wolves try to overwhelm their prey by coordinated attacks at the same time. Well, on July 4th, the Korean Troll Doll, Kim Jong Il fires several missles not only to test his missile technology, but how American forces would respond to the incident. American naval forces are on station with at least three carrier groups within striking distances along with other naval assets such as the Aegis equipped cruisers and destroyers on station in the region.

Also around the 4th, the Iraqi sectarian violence and attacks on coalition forces in the area intensify to a new level. Additionally, the Taliban start making things hot again in portions of Afghanistan.

Now, we add in the sizeable terrorist bomb attack in India by terrorist(?) at the same time Hamas and Hezbollah start ratcheting up hostilities against Israel. Hamas and Hezbollah, judging by their attack timings and patterns are coordinating their efforts.

I wonder when Iran, its President Ahmadinejad and those wacky bunch of mullahs that really run that country and pull the strings of Hamas and Hezbollah will push things up a notch?

It is a full moon, I wonder these wolves are doing in the brush as they currently howl?

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