Another move on the Middle East chessboard.

Several of my previous post on my Blogger site equated the events in the Middle East to a big, life sized chess board in which moves are being made to determine not only the future of that region, but most of the world. Today, I read Lebanese Christian cabinet minister Pierre Gemayel, an outspoken critic of Syria, was assassinated near Beirut today.

So, another move has been made in order to checkmate America and the West!

One of my previous post at the old Blogger site, I put forth my geopolitical theory called “The Wolf Kill”. The Wolf Kill goes some thing like this…

I have always had a theory that nature has great analogies for man. The analogy of how wolves take down their large prey is one that deserves consideration. One wolf cannot take down a mighty bison. There is too great a risk of injury or death to the individual wolf. However, a pack of wolves work together to tire the bison, eventually wearing it down so the wolves can move in for the kill.

Now, imagine that their are wolves are trying to take down the mighty bison bull (The USA).

The Iranians (Wolf #1) are to the east of us in Iraq and they are stoking the instability in Iraq by supplying the Shiite factions with weapons, advisors and religious idealogs. To the west is Syria (Wolf #2). Bashir Assad and his minions in Lebanon are doing everything they can to bring Lebanon to civil war and make the climate for their Hezbollah (Wolf #3) allies to gain hearts and minds of everyday Muslim Lebanese.

This assassination is just the elimination of another Lebanese “voice of reason”. Until recently, Lebanon was a country where Christians and Muslims got along and business took precedence over religious dogma. Hezbollah and their Iranian masters want to bring about a world dominated by Islam. This was just another move to make that happen.

All it will take to complete the plan is for something to happen that make the Sunni and Shiite insurgent factions (Wolves #4 and #5) attack American forces in a combined effort to pin down our forces in Iraq. Then, Iran makes a move across the border, while Syria and Hezbollah attack Israel at the same time. The wolves move in to attack the bison. Our forces are stretched thin and only our technological edge will be our advantage, but the Russians and Chinese have been selling ALL the players on the Middle East side of the chessboard advanced weaponry to close the “tech advantage” gap we previously have enjoyed up until now.

Additionally, since our coalition “partner” Tony “Turncoat” Blair has been lamenting about the “disaster” in Iraq and the current political changing of the guard in Washington, the situation for The Wolf Kill looks even better, from the wolves point of view.

Furthermore, when the wolves finally move in for the kill, you can expect that little troll doll in North Korea, Kim Jong Il to pull something that will require American forces to be sent to the region, especially aircraft carrier task forces. This will also tempt our “friends”, the Chinese to think about pulling something.

We must be sure our moves on the Middle East chessboard are worthy of Bobby Fisher or Gary Kasparov!

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