Hey George…wake up and smell the coffee!

How long will it take the idiots in Washington to learn that when you are the “king of the hill” superpower, there are those who want to knock you off the top!

Two news stories during this news cycle illustrate this point perfectly.

First, it turns out that the Chinese now have working knowledge of our B-2 Stealth bomber through their extensive espionage efforts . The scumbag alleged scumbag Noshir Gowadia, a former defense contractor, not only passed secrets to the Chinese, but went to help China to improve cruise missile technology. If there is ever a case for a firing squad, this is it! Screw the Johnathan Pollard type sentences of long prison terms. I guarantee you start shooting a few of these spies and that will be a real deterrent to espionage! Hell, make it pay-for-view with the proceeds going to the widows and orphans of servicemen and women who lost their lives on our recent misadventures in Iraq!

This story also illustrates a LARGE threat to our national security that will be growing even larger in the future!

Because our elected officials at the state and national level continue to give “lip service” to the need for true education reform, we graduate fewer engineers and scientist in this country and have to go the “outsourcing” route to continue providing the defense and technology industries with a competent workforce. Despite the best screening efforts, this will only serve to increase the potential that more espionage is likely to occur in the future. Eighth grade students in China are taking pre-calculus…where as a good number of eighth graders in America can’t even do long division, or read and write competently!

The second news story that shows we need to tighten up our act as a country when it comes to foreign policy is our “buddies”, the Russians are selling their most advanced anti-aircraft missile systems to Iran. Remember, Ol’ Georgie Jr. looked into the eyes of Vlad the Terrible (Russian President, Vladimir Putin) and said he could see into his soul. Hey George, was this the same sight that let you see those infamous weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

Hey…let me let you in on a little secret…Putin was KGB, and those guys don’t quit. You can put sheep’s clothing on a wolf, but it’s still a wolf and will bite and kill when the right opportunity presents itself. Again, today the news has something on this thread of discussion. Ex-Russian KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko died because of radioactive poisoning. Mr. Litvinenko probably knew better than almost anybody which closet Putin keeps his skeletons in. Litvinenko was on a crusade to hold Russia accountable for past injustices and show Putin for what he is, a New Age Stalin hiding behind the facade of democracy!

There is an old saying in Texas…you can deal with a rattlesnake as long as you always remember you are dealing with a rattlesnake and know which end is the deadly end (the end you chop off its head)!

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