Something to ponder as your waiting to checkout in the WalMart line.

As you stand there in the long lines at WalMart, ponder on the following question…What have I done lately to do my part to help restore America?

Then, as you check out with that large basket of products from China, see if your deed(s) offset the nail you are helping to put in the American economy and the fact that you are helping to build the navy that we eventually will be fighting in a few years.

China’s President, Hu Jintao urges building a navy that is ready anytime for a “military struggle” (translated – fighting the Americans). Hu makes this statement because now China is a world shipping power and is heavily dependent on sea routes for energy and raw materials to feed its growing economy. True enough…but nothing the Chinese do is ever totally the real reason. There is always more than one layer to the strategic planning of the Chinese. The most read book in China is Mao’s little red book, Quotations of Chairman Mao. The second most read book is probably Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

The illustrious Chinese military ancestor said…” Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”(sounds like advice our Glorious and Fearless Leader should have heeded before pulling the trigger in Iraq)! The Chinese, through their state run shipping company China Ocean Shipping Company, now manage the Panama canal and also have growing interest in the Caribbean region. Since these assets are increasingly vital to China’s energy, raw materials and finished goods delivery, why not establish forward naval bases in those locations?

If that happens, then they are right in our backyard! And what can we say, we have had military assets surrounding them in Japan, Korea, Guam, and Australia for 50 years or more. Our reason for this was…”protecting our national interests”. Well, China’s going to use that and what can we say?

So remember, next time when you are buying a ton of crap in a WalMart, check the label, you too might be aiding and abetting our next wartime enemy!

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