Pizza Power to help small countries!

What the hell?

Is this is just another sign of things to come?

I wonder if the franchisees of Pizza Patron know something that we don’t know? Pizza Patron to start taking pesos for pizzas?

Maybe they suspect the Dollar is about to take a huge drop and this is just a way to diversify their currency risk. Or, it could be business strategy to capture “unseen” market share (translated, the business of illegal aliens) that are thick throughout the Southwest, which happens to be the market area of Pizza Patron.

It is hard enough finding workers that can count change correctly, but now will Pizza Patron be requiring specialist in foreign currency exchange!

Here is an idea for free markets helping others!

If I was the landlord of a Pizza Patron franchisee, I would require Pizza Patron to deliver their monthly rent in a different currency each month, such as Russian rubles, then Swedish Kronar, and to help out our new best buddies, the Iraqi government , the dinar. Let them use their new expertise in currency exchange to help others!

Hell, this could replace some of the aid that we give small countries and help them with their currency. Imagine, if Pizza Patron sells a few million dollars worth of pizzas to the U.S. government to feed the homeless and requires them to pay in a currency, such as the Bangladeshian Taka. I am sure the government of Bangladesh would appreciate the increased liquidity this would supply to their currency…plus we feed many of our homeless!

Or could this be an elaborate money laundering scheme…maybe we should look at that possibility as well

I just know that Pizza Patron’s locations look like a Little Caesar’s knockoff, and their pizzas aren’t that great!

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