Sieg Heil! Constitution…we don’t need any stinkin’ Constitution!

The Fuhrer

The Gestapo, KGB and now the Defense Intelligence Agency!

I was taught in my college government classes that the CIA and the military had little, if no jurisdiction in domestic law enforcement. The War on Terror has given the Commandant in Chief and his minions at the Pentagon free will to subvert constitutional rights of individuals right and left! Sure, you have the right of assembly…but Uncle Sam becomes Uncle Cam and puts all who attend any protest of the government in their super secret photo database. The right to redress the government, or facilitate peaceful change…well that gets you your own case file with ALL the alphabet agencies.

You might say…”awwh Captain, you are just being too hard on the Guardians of Liberty (Ha Ha)”.

WELL, I am one of those who are in those databases and are considered a potential problem. In the next few weeks,I intend to share my experience with the New Orwellian Police State of America,and EVERYTHING that caused me to become a target for illegal snooping on the part of the Feds and the lengths the bastards will go to!

, but nowadays…that doesn’t amount to a pile of crap!

So stay tuned for that series of post!

P.S. Hey Dick…how’s the ol’ ticker?

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