Senators Fear Citizen Journalist…aka Bloggers!

It seems there is a bill currently before the U.S. Senate that would require bloggers with a readership over 500 to register as lobbyist and report to Congress on a quarterly basis. WTF?

Does anyone in Washington give a crap about freedom of speech and what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is all about?

It appears that not only does this bill impose fines and jail time on any blogger who would criticize Congress, but also big time issue oriented mouthpieces, such as Richard Viguerie of and the 300 pound gorilla of “free speech”, Rev. James Dobson of Focus on the Family. Section 220 of S.1 would effectively make it illegal for bloggers and grassroots organizations to exercise their First Amendment rights!

First it was the Bush administration with the squelching of Constitutionally guaranteed rights, now Congress wants to get into the act!

Hey, Ladies and Gentleman that are our elected representatives in Washington, let me give you a little advice…“DO THE JOB THE PEOPLE ELECTED YOU TO DO AND REPRESENT THEIR INTERESTS ABOVE ALL OTHER AND YOU WON”T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT NEGATIVE CRITICISM!

Now how hard is that to figure out?

big brother

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