If You Have Enough $$$, You Can Buy the Truth!


Here is another example of the Microsoft way!

Instead of changing a situation(s) so that the truth is changed…just change the truth to fit the situation!

It worked for the U.S. Government.

First, the Bush administration was paying reporters/journalist to put out “their version of the truth”. Now, Microsoft is using a page from their playbook!

It has come to light that Microsoft was offering to pay a blogger to change articles on their Wikipedia page.

For those who do not know what Wikipedia is, it is an online encyclopedia, of sort. A Wikipedia page is supposed to reflect all the fair and impartial truth about a subject. It is maintain by users. However, an offer to pay someone to deliberately change the content of a Wiki page in that manner goes against the purpose and intent that Wikipedia operates under. If someone disputes Wikipedia content, there is a prescribed method to bring about content change. But hey…if you are the ‘Trillion Ton Gorilla” of the digital world, just spread the cash!

It works for Uncle Sam!

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