Just Another Example of Mr. and Mrs. America Getting Screwed!


America is being set up for a change that is definitely not for the better!

A foreign company named Cintra with direct ties to the King of Spain is constructing a toll-road that will be part of a monster known as the Trans-Texas Corridor. This is a toll-road that goes directly through Texas and will be part of the monster NAFTA superhighway (NASCO). Take a look at this monster…


This is just a perfect example of Globalism run amok! This Spanish company is not only building the Trans Texas Corridor, but has recently bought interests in toll roads in Virginia, Indiana, Texas and Chicago, Illinois. This giant network of toll roads that will be criss-crossing North America will be generating billions of dollars for Cintra, along with their financial partner, an Australian investment consortium named Macquarie.

Now here is the real smelly part. The financial partner, Macquarie, is in the process of purchasing a large number of newspapers that were among the most vocal critics of this giant foreign land grab and putting the brakes on the dissenting opinions, aka First Amendment protected freedom of speech!

The biggest cheerleader in Texas for this abomination is our own Governor Goodhair, Rick Perry. He thinks this scheme is a good opportunity for Texas’ future…BULLSHIT!

The money-grubbing, foreign greedhead, puppet masters are pulling the strings on our marionette Governor.

Texas and federal legislators are trying to stop the planned highway/toll road system, but I have little faith they will be successful. The greedheads usually always start with “the deck” stacked in their favor.

Again, this is just the loss of the sovereignty of the United States of America, one scheme at a time!

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