The Right Stuff…I Think Not!


Gaze upon a fallen star.

This woman is Lisa Nowak, one of our veteran astronauts. She has been into outer space. As of yesterday, she is exploring inner space…a jail cell in Orlando Florida. It seems that this married, mother of three astronaut had a “fixation” on another male astronaut, one Bill Oefelein. However, this male astronaut was dating another female…a younger female Air Force Captain assigned to Cape Canaveral. Her unit is responsible for managing DoD launches, such as spy satellites.

So Nowak drives all the way from Houston to ambush her rival with tear gas, a BB gun, a knife, rubber tubing and plastic bags. She also had a trench coat and a wig. When she confronts her rival at the airport, she attempts to car jack/kidnap the other woman.

I thought this country’s astronauts were supposed to have “The Right Stuff”? I guess in all those psychological tests the astronauts take, they don’t screen for every contingency!

However, this sordid tale could make a good movie script.

Great job as a role model, Mrs. Nowak!

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