An Enlightened View on the Death of Conservatism.

There is a good opinion article by Joseph Farah today entitled “Why Conservatism is Dead”.

Mr. Farah makes a good point that conservatism started dying after Ronald Reagan left office. Ronald Reagan appealed to individual Americans, not American special interests and institutions. He went on the offense and fought for what he believed in with unshakable values. Reagan understood that the battleground was not in election cycles and in political maneuvering to stalemate the opposition, but communicating his vision to the electorate. Those who came behind him, starting with Bush the First, lost sight of that fact and began practicing the politics of “pandering to special interests”.

For example, Reagan was a union man, however, he did not hesitate to fire upstart Air Traffic Controllers who went out on strike when it was ” the right thing to do”. Nobody that has inhabited 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has had any real “cojones” since The Great Communicator left office.

The Republican Revolution of 1994 started with self serving greedheads like Tom Delay and Newt Gingrich. These “politiwhores” did anything that furthered the agendas of those who pulled their strings, because their masters would be “greatful” and make sure they were well rewarded come election time. Instead of building their “house” on Reagan’s sturdy ideological foundation, they built theirs on sand…actually quicksand!

I agree also with Mr. Farah that we need to revisit our history and consider what George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and those who set forth the Great American Experiment intended. They weren’t conservative and at the time, liberty and democratic self-government were ideas as radical as they come!

Farah put it this way;

…they laid out a radical break from the past – a new way of thinking about freedom and independence and strict limits on government.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and John Adams were not conservatives. These men risked everything in the hope of changing the status quo. They fought a War of Independence from the Old World. They fought a revolution against the assumptions of the past.

They did this, by the way, at a time when life was not so bad. But they were wise enough to see a better way for themselves and their posterity. Thank God they did.

It’s time for conservatives to stop being conservative. It’s time to get radical. It’s time to remember our heroic heritage. It’s time to take risks. It’s time to stop business as usual. It’s time to stop repeating the mistakes of the past. It’s time to see we’re losing ground.

It’s time to fight for something worthwhile – not just the preserving of freedom, but the expansion of freedom.

Business as usual and a government out of control and infringing on the liberties that are guaranteed American citizens can not be permitted to continue!

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