An Real Example of a Presidential and Historical Legacy


One of the things I remember from watching the television coverage of President Reagan’s funeral was the “talking heads” all making the comment to the effect…”now matter how you felt about this president, it will be up to history to decide his legacy.”

Well, for those who need a good example of what history will be written, have a look at this article entitled “Soviet Monument to Make Way for Reagan”.

Citizens of the Polish town of Katowice want to replace a statue in the town square that commemorates the liberation of Poland from the Nazis by Soviet troops in 1945 with one of Ronald Reagan. In fact, they want to change the name of the town square from Freedom Square, to Ronald Reagan Freedom Square!

There is also a similar effort to honor the American champion against communism in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan. The Poles really know who helped defeat communism in Europe and are showing the world what history will say!

Take that Putin!

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