Profit over Principle…eh Europa?

The United States of America came to the rescue of Europe when they were being overrun by the scourge of Nazism and Hitler. After defeating Hitler’s Germany, the Soviets had their eye on making all European countries into little Soviet satellites.

When the Soviets started the Cold War by blockading West Berlin, Harry Truman had the guts to step out and throw down the gauntlet by starting the Berlin Airlift. Again, the good Ol’ USA came to Europe’s rescue by showing the Soviet Union that the West would not just let Communism march right on in and set up shop.

However, most European countries, because of their petty self-interests, have hamstrung any meaningful effort to reign in countries like Iran and Syria that sponsor Islamic Extremist who have been perpetrating acts of terrorism against the West for almost four decades. Their actions are not going unrewarded. There is now talk about how Muslims are overrunning Europe and starting to displace traditional European values. In fact, a nationally recognized book entitled “While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within”, by Bruce Bawer, paints a picture of Islamic immigrants to Europe supplanting the traditional cultures of European countries and exchanging it for Islamic values and social practices that are foreign to those countries.

Their is talk now in the world community that eventually some European countries will become more Muslim instead of Western because of the heavy immigration of Muslims to those countries. Maybe the reason that our European allies have stalled in dealing with rogue terrorist states like Iraq is that they recognize the inevitable.

This would make sense why they are resisting dealing with Iran. It couldn’t just be the alienation of a large trading partner and large source of imported energy…or could it? Are our European allies constantly putting profit over principle? If so, maybe that changing social situation has already gone too far.

Now, foot dragging and sabotaging international diplomatic efforts has given the Iranians the ability to put enough enriched uranium to build an atomic bomb, or two. This fact was disclosed in today’s Financial Times. It turns out that the EU has just released a document admitting this fact.

The staff of Javier Solana, the EU’s Foreign Policy Chief put this document together. Yes, that would be the same Javier Solana who, along with the Russians have been avoiding dealing with the inevitable conclusion that Iran can not be permitted to get the bomb. Once that happens, those crazy mullahs in Qom and Tehran will use their A-bomb as their version of a “holy hand grenade” in the service of Jihad and Allah.

Again, President and Decider Bush decided wrong and should have started with the other end of the Axis of Evil!

In my opinion, next time Europe needs someone to protect them and fight their battles, we should leave the phone off the hook!




I have free speech and it trumps the crap out of idiotic notions that the above portrayal of their beloved Mohammad is blasphemy!

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