Surprise, No E-Mails available from The “Night House”

It is no surprise to Your Captain that The Republican National Committee has no archived copies of e-mails from Presidential Puppet Master Karl Rove and the other 87 White House staffers that used the RNC Internet resources to do their “Black bag” work. For those of you that don’t know what I mean by “Black bag”, that would refer to those actions of a questionable, ethical or illegal nature performed by staffers and the “Black Bag” folks that worked “off the grid” so they could not be linked to the political folk that gave them their marching orders.

In 1993, a woman I know was one of the “Black Baggers” for a now disgraced ex-Congressman who has continuing legal troubles. She told me how she did “questionable and potentially illegal things” to this ex-Congressman’s political enemies. I believe her story because she ran into “a small amount of legal trouble” that could have cost her a twenty to life stay in the Texas prison system. Despite the prosecutor having an “airtight case”, including videotaped surveillance, she was never worried because her political benefactor would make her “problem go away”. Well, long story short, she got probation for a Solicitation of Capital Murder charge!

Deniability and using “Black Bag tactics” has always been a Republican and RNC tactic. Shit, Richard Nixon and his “undisclosed” taping of staff meetings is NOTHING compared to what goes on now a days. “How do you know that Captain”, you may be asking yourself. Well, in 2004 I was tired of this Congressman and decided to take legitimate action and ALL SHIT broke loose and who appeared in the middle of the storm, but the same young lady I mentioned above!

I will be sharing that and MUCH MORE in a series of postings that will start very soon. It is time to let the world know what happens to any political dissent now in the police state of Amerika!

Oh, btw…doesn’t Karl Rove bear a striking resemblance to the great actor Ned Beatty? Look at the pictures below if you haven’t ever considered this uncanny resemblance!

Karl Rove

Ned Beatty

I can’t wait till Life imitates Art and a Senate Ethics Investigative Committee tells Rove to “bend over and squeal like a pig” from that pretty mouth!

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