Death of a Truly American Author

Norman Mailer

Today, I learned that Norman Mailer had passed away.

I just discovered Norman Mailer’s writing recently. In my earlier days, I would have never considered reading his works because of his liberal viewpoints. I grew up in a family that was very conservative…in fact, my earliest political memory was a running verbal battle between two branches of my family about the 1964 Goldwater vs. Johnson Presidential election. My families conservative bent runs so deep, we still have a 1968 Nixon election yard sign in the family artifacts.

However, thanks to events in my life that had to do with politics and the swine from a certain faction of The Republican Party who showed me the true nature of the beast, I know that the true path for us as a people and as a nation exist somewhere between the two extremes of our country’s political discourse. I have writers such as Norman Mailer to thank for that realization.

I haven’t read much of his works, but I intend to read more.

Now Norman and “Papa” Hemingway can spar verbally and physically.

Thanks Mr. Mailer to your contribution to The American experience.

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