I’m Moving the Blog to a New Site!

I am in the process of moving my blog to a new site and my own server.

WordPress.com is a great site for blogging and is a great value for anyone wishing to operate a blog, however, my goals for the blog can’t be totally accommodated with the functionality available on WordPress.com.

Since I love the WordPress platform, I am going to continue running WordPress software on my own server. This change does have a downside. The provided platform on WordPress.com offers so many features that it was an initial shock when I uploaded the WordPress software and discovered that a few of the features I had become accustomed to, such as the WYSIWYG editor were not there!

I have been in the process of “tweaking ” the new site and now feel that it is stable enough to begin posting there. I still have a few kinks to work out, such as getting YouTube videos to work on the new site and other items that are a “no brainer” here on WordPress.com. Now I must truly wear the hat of Webmaster and earn the title in all its meaning!

So here is the new address for BoilingPot U.S.A.


Please come and visit my blog and feel free to comment.


Your Captain

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