Once again, here I am!

My site was dormant for a few years and I tried to get it going again over the last year on my own hosted site, but the hosting provider’s security sucked and kept they giving excuses for their lack of security and customer service every time I called their customer service and technical support lines.

In fact, for the last week, someone was trying to access my WP site by trying to crack my password and my site kept sending me emails that the culprit was being locked out several times by my site’s security. When I ran that IP address that was being used, it came back to an internal IP address from my web hosting provider!

So, it is too much hassle to be a web master and a content creator at the same time, so therefore, I am going to be using the wordpress.com platform to start writing on again.

Therefore, stay tuned…because I have a lot to share!



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