Putting Humpty Back Together Again!

In 2007, I migrated this blog from WordPress.com to a self-hosted WordPress site at GoDaddy.com, where I had more flexibility at the time and could run multiple websites. I had planned to start an online publication and run a personal photography site, in that pre-Instagram era.

However, my day job as an 8th grade Science teacher kept requiring a greater investment in time and personal commitment and I was never able to write on my blog on a regular basis. During the past fifteen years of my life since leaving the business world, I have had a distinguished career as a professional educator and the students I have taught have always excelled when it came to standardized testing, consistently beating the state averages. However, that is just numbers that were invented by politicians and bureaucrats to justify monkeying around with the education system in this country. The true metric that I have measured my effectiveness as an educator by has been the success of my my students, some who are now doctors, lawyers, engineers and many others who are productive, tax paying citizens of our country who are now raising families of their own.

During this time, I had developed my photographic skills to a level where I was able to pursue a side gig as a photojournalist & photographer. However, writing has always been an interest, so this blog is where I will merge my freelance photojournalistic projects along with my writing and investigative journalism efforts. I am still trying to decide what this new project will eventually look like, or develop into.

However, I still have to see if it will be possible to re-constitute my content since leaving GoDaddy’s hosting service. I have my backup files from my self-hosted site, but am having trouble getting WordPress.com to recognize the files during my import attempts.

However, it all boils down to fact that it is GoDaddy who is to blame, because of their lack of security! My self-hosted site was always beset many scumbags from all over the world trying to compromise my site from all corners of the planet, including sometimes clowns from Washington, DC! I did all that was possible within my skill set to lock down my site and keep intruders out, including two-step encryption access to my CPanel login screen into my Linux server. It seemed to do the trick for awhile, then I started having problems logging in to GoDaddy itself. According to the “not so very helpful” technical support, I should not have had any difficulties logging in to either the GoDaddy website, or my server.  However, despite trying to log into GoDaddy with or without my VPN running and from various locations, I was always immediately locked out of logging onto their website:


Then, after I found a way to get back onto GoDaddy’s webpage and access my server, I reconstituted the site and began to work on content. However, I started having one particular IP address constantly trying to login as an administrator to my WordPress site. It happened several times, but my site limited the number of attempts to logon and locks out those IP addresses that go past a certain number of login attempts and notifies me via email of the intrusion attempt.


When I finally decided to check out this persistent pain-in-the-ass, the IP address went back to someone INSIDE GoDaddy themselves. Well, back to the lame ass, script reading technical support goons at GoDaddy I went. I was bounced around for over an hour after informing them that someone inside GoDaddy was trying to access my WordPress site. Every time I pressed him to trace that IP address and turn the offender over to their internal security, I got put on hold so the script reading functionary could call someone else for assistance on what to do next. I was finally given a “bogus” email address at GoDaddy to file a complaint and my marathon no-help-at-all session came to an end!

Then, I will be damned if the intrusion attempts didn’t continue from THE EXACT SAME GoDaddy IP address! So I ran one one last backup of my WordPress site, cancelled my hosting plan and decided to look for another, more secure hosting option.

I logged on to WordPress.com to see if my old content still existed online under my account and it still did.  I saw that WordPress.com (Automattic, Inc.) had made large improvements in the level of services offered since I left their platform. Since I am more interested in content creation than being a web master & IT security specialist, I upgraded my free site and now…I’M BACK!

I have more to say in the in the future about GoDaddy, but in the mean time, I still have several domain names that I own which GoDaddy is the registrar for, so I need to find a new home to transfer these to. However, I will soon, as Paul Harvey would say, share “the rest of the story”!

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