Islamofacist Update for Monday, June 18th, 2007

Your Captain feels amiss by not keeping his readers abreast of the happenings of those backward 10th Century scumbag fanatics known in my circles as Islamofacist!

First, the Islamofacist have renewed their call for the assassination of British author, Salman Rushdie. This religious fatwa For Mr. Rushdie’s assassination was originally issued by that apostate of Hell, Ayatollah Khomeini in 1989. Mr. Rushdie spent over 10 years in hiding for his and his families safety.

Since the Queen of England recently bestowed a Knighthood on Mr. Rushdie, those stupid bastards want to “off” Sir Salman. In fact, Forouz Raja’ee-Far, secretary general of the Headquarters for Honoring the Martyrs of Islam World Movement, said the former $100,000 prize for carrying out the execution ordered by Imam Khomeini in 1989 has now been increased to $150,000, the Fars News Agency reported Monday.

The above death threat and the fact that Queen Elizabeth granted the knighthood should have the men and women of MI-6 burning the midnight oil at Whitehall! The assassination of The Queen or another Royal family member is certainly crossing some of the Islamic savages mind right about now!

Salman Rushdie


Also, within the last hour or so, Brian Ross and the ABC News investigative team has posted a story that they have received a copy of a videotape of a Taliban suicide bomber graduation tape and that these new recruits will be “trying to get their chance to score with 77 virgins at the feet of Allah” by blowing up innocent American and European civilians.

First off, this is a perfect argument for more people getting concealed carry licenses for handguns. That would certainly be better security for innocent civilians than anything the “multi-headed hydra”of Homeland Security could provide to the citizens of America. Hell, at least 1000 illegal immigrants of Mexican and other nationalities stream across the borders of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California every night with little problem. Hell, if this ABC news story isn’t a damn good reason to shut down the border now, I don’t know what is…WAKE UP YOU STUPID IDIOTS IN WASHINGTON, DC!

Furthermore, it is time to start pressuring moderate Arab governments to either start a reformation movement within Islam to turm away from the barbaric practices prescibed within the Koran, or suffer the consequences.

To illustrate those consequences, we should nuke Iran back to the Stone Age! They are the chief supplier now (and probably always have been) of the Islamofacist groups. This would also send a definite message to Beijing and Moscow that it is time to consider the strategic plans for confrontation with the West.

DISCLAIMER – The policy of this blog and your Captain is not to consider every Muslim as an Islamofacist. In fact, I know and have known several peace loving Muslims. However, I am a big believer that the Islamofacist and those symphatethic to their cause are a larger number than most people think, and their ranks are steadily growing while GWB fiddles away our country, just like Nero did for the Romans!

Profit over Principle…eh Europa?

The United States of America came to the rescue of Europe when they were being overrun by the scourge of Nazism and Hitler. After defeating Hitler’s Germany, the Soviets had their eye on making all European countries into little Soviet satellites.

When the Soviets started the Cold War by blockading West Berlin, Harry Truman had the guts to step out and throw down the gauntlet by starting the Berlin Airlift. Again, the good Ol’ USA came to Europe’s rescue by showing the Soviet Union that the West would not just let Communism march right on in and set up shop.

However, most European countries, because of their petty self-interests, have hamstrung any meaningful effort to reign in countries like Iran and Syria that sponsor Islamic Extremist who have been perpetrating acts of terrorism against the West for almost four decades. Their actions are not going unrewarded. There is now talk about how Muslims are overrunning Europe and starting to displace traditional European values. In fact, a nationally recognized book entitled “While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within”, by Bruce Bawer, paints a picture of Islamic immigrants to Europe supplanting the traditional cultures of European countries and exchanging it for Islamic values and social practices that are foreign to those countries.

Their is talk now in the world community that eventually some European countries will become more Muslim instead of Western because of the heavy immigration of Muslims to those countries. Maybe the reason that our European allies have stalled in dealing with rogue terrorist states like Iraq is that they recognize the inevitable.

This would make sense why they are resisting dealing with Iran. It couldn’t just be the alienation of a large trading partner and large source of imported energy…or could it? Are our European allies constantly putting profit over principle? If so, maybe that changing social situation has already gone too far.

Now, foot dragging and sabotaging international diplomatic efforts has given the Iranians the ability to put enough enriched uranium to build an atomic bomb, or two. This fact was disclosed in today’s Financial Times. It turns out that the EU has just released a document admitting this fact.

The staff of Javier Solana, the EU’s Foreign Policy Chief put this document together. Yes, that would be the same Javier Solana who, along with the Russians have been avoiding dealing with the inevitable conclusion that Iran can not be permitted to get the bomb. Once that happens, those crazy mullahs in Qom and Tehran will use their A-bomb as their version of a “holy hand grenade” in the service of Jihad and Allah.

Again, President and Decider Bush decided wrong and should have started with the other end of the Axis of Evil!

In my opinion, next time Europe needs someone to protect them and fight their battles, we should leave the phone off the hook!




I have free speech and it trumps the crap out of idiotic notions that the above portrayal of their beloved Mohammad is blasphemy!

The 3000th Dead Soldier in Iraq…a Texan!


Today, the name of the 3000th dead American soldier/sailor in the Iraq war was released, and it was a fellow Texan

Why don’t we just let the Iraqis just kill each other in their civil war, or break them into three separate states and be done with it!

3000 lives and $ 500 billion plus dollars, and there is no tangible benefit to this country. The only people benefiting seem to be defense contractors, such as Halliburton and manufacturers such those that make bullets. Oh, let us not forget that nice war premium of a few dollars per barrel on the world oil price!

This country needs a “Manhattan Project” level commitment to change our energy infrastructure away from oil.

If oil is removed from the “picture”, the Mid-East will become a strategically insignificant backwater, like it used to be, before Western oil companies started poking holes in the desert sands!


Thank you for flying Oceania Airlines to the New World Order!

It is bad enough that our government is routinely spying on everyone and anybody these days,but to make innocent travelers subject to open-ended snooping without probable cause is quite terrifying, to say the least!

So now, if a British traveler uses a credit card to book a flight across the pond, it automatically subjects them to a warrant less search. Agencies, such as Homeland Security and others can look into the travelers credit record, on a whim. Furthermore, if the same traveler gives an e-mail address to their airline, it subjects that e-mail address/person to potential snooping without due process and a warrant issued.

George Orwell must be screaming…“I tried to warn you”!

This is interesting…a traveler to this country pays for his airline ticket in cash, he is a terrorism suspect, now the rest of the plane load of travelers are “potential terrorist”. Hey guys…where is the Fourth Amendment? I also find it hard to believe that the European Union (EU) is going along with this!

The further erosion of privacy rights are getting to the point where George Orwell’s world of 1984 and ours is starting to bear striking resemblances…such as;

1. Big Brother is watching you – This really needs no elaboration, given the fact that we have “sh@t-canned” the Fourth Amendment for all intensive purposes. Big Brother (Homeland Security, NSA,CIA,DIA,FBI, etc) no longer need a warrant for almost any type of surveillance, if there is a “perceived” need.

2. The Perpetual War
– In Orwell,s 1984, the world has three major states, and are always at a constant state of war. This war has many parallels to the current War on Terror. The war in 1984 became the bedrock of the world’s economy. Government ministries were organized to fight the war, and use propaganda methods to “color” the truth to serve the state’s need to “reinforce” the war effort. Orwell used a term called “doublethink”, which I will let Orwell’s own words explain the definition;

“The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them. … To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just so long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies—all this is indispensably necessary. Even in using the word doublethink it is necessary to exercise doublethink. For by using the word one admits that one is tampering with reality; by a fresh act of doublethink one erases this knowledge; and so on indefinitely, with the lie always one leap ahead of the truth”

Doublethink was “reality control” by the state to re-write history to serve its purposes. This is spin doctoring, plain and simple. This task was accomplished by by “newspeak”, a version of the English language that assisted in the “spin” process. Hallmarks of this process are a) the removal of all shades of meaning from the language, such as stating things in black or white terms , for example, “…you are either against the terrorist, or you are with them”. b) The use of “political correctness”, though euphemisms like “collateral damage”, instead of civilians bombed and killed, or use of terms such as framing one group in a positive way, so that the other side of the position is automatically perceived as negative. An example of this would be where someone was “pro-life, where the natural other side of the position is “assumed” to be “pro-death”, or “pro-choice” vs. “anti-choice”. c) The total overuse of abbreviations and acronyms where the acronyms become words themselves, such as NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement), or better yet USA Patriot Act (Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001). The Patriot Act was also designed to strengthen and protect the borders of The United States and to make improvements in intelligence gathering, in which the record has been dismal, compared to the industrial strength snooping brought on by the act. People associate the Patriot Act with only increased surveillance, but this act also brought us the Frankenstein arm of Big Brother known as the Department of Homeland Security and its total rearrangement of our government after 2001. So, in the case of an acronym…’what’s in a name…indeed”!

3. Societal Decline and Those Who Benefit – Society in Orwell’s 1984 was organized as to have virtually no middle class. THe following graphic depicts the societal organization of Orwell’s “fictional” world:

Societal Organization in Orwell’s 1984

As one can see, the government (Big Brother) and a very elite group of citizens known as the “Inner Party” controlled the operation of society. The Outer party, which carried out the decrees and directives of Big Brother and The Inner Party. The main part of society was The Proles. . Their functions were simple: work and breed. They did not care much about anything else than taking care of home and family, quarreling with neighbors, watching some films and football, drinking beer, and above all buying the lottery tickets. They were not required to express their support to the Party. They were only required to show primitive patriotism. The Party created special meaningless songs, novels, even pornography for the proles.

Our society is “eaten up” with their devotion to sports, following “wanna be” celebrity lifestyles, consuming ALL things Hollywood and the “big score” of instant wealth. The middle class is eroding in this country and we are moving towards a societal structure not unlike that of Orwell’s fictional (or prophetic) world. Combine this with the “dumbing down of America”, and Orwell’s world in 1984 is fast becoming our world.

So, each time a little more or our freedom and liberties are taken away…just pop a top, plop on the couch and watch a DVD. Big Brother and The Decider know what is best for ALL of us!

Another move on the Middle East chessboard.

Several of my previous post on my Blogger site equated the events in the Middle East to a big, life sized chess board in which moves are being made to determine not only the future of that region, but most of the world. Today, I read Lebanese Christian cabinet minister Pierre Gemayel, an outspoken critic of Syria, was assassinated near Beirut today.

So, another move has been made in order to checkmate America and the West!

One of my previous post at the old Blogger site, I put forth my geopolitical theory called “The Wolf Kill”. The Wolf Kill goes some thing like this…

I have always had a theory that nature has great analogies for man. The analogy of how wolves take down their large prey is one that deserves consideration. One wolf cannot take down a mighty bison. There is too great a risk of injury or death to the individual wolf. However, a pack of wolves work together to tire the bison, eventually wearing it down so the wolves can move in for the kill.

Now, imagine that their are wolves are trying to take down the mighty bison bull (The USA).

The Iranians (Wolf #1) are to the east of us in Iraq and they are stoking the instability in Iraq by supplying the Shiite factions with weapons, advisors and religious idealogs. To the west is Syria (Wolf #2). Bashir Assad and his minions in Lebanon are doing everything they can to bring Lebanon to civil war and make the climate for their Hezbollah (Wolf #3) allies to gain hearts and minds of everyday Muslim Lebanese.

This assassination is just the elimination of another Lebanese “voice of reason”. Until recently, Lebanon was a country where Christians and Muslims got along and business took precedence over religious dogma. Hezbollah and their Iranian masters want to bring about a world dominated by Islam. This was just another move to make that happen.

All it will take to complete the plan is for something to happen that make the Sunni and Shiite insurgent factions (Wolves #4 and #5) attack American forces in a combined effort to pin down our forces in Iraq. Then, Iran makes a move across the border, while Syria and Hezbollah attack Israel at the same time. The wolves move in to attack the bison. Our forces are stretched thin and only our technological edge will be our advantage, but the Russians and Chinese have been selling ALL the players on the Middle East side of the chessboard advanced weaponry to close the “tech advantage” gap we previously have enjoyed up until now.

Additionally, since our coalition “partner” Tony “Turncoat” Blair has been lamenting about the “disaster” in Iraq and the current political changing of the guard in Washington, the situation for The Wolf Kill looks even better, from the wolves point of view.

Furthermore, when the wolves finally move in for the kill, you can expect that little troll doll in North Korea, Kim Jong Il to pull something that will require American forces to be sent to the region, especially aircraft carrier task forces. This will also tempt our “friends”, the Chinese to think about pulling something.

We must be sure our moves on the Middle East chessboard are worthy of Bobby Fisher or Gary Kasparov!