Putting Humpty Back Together Again!

In 2007, I migrated this blog from WordPress.com to a self-hosted WordPress site at GoDaddy.com, where I had more flexibility at the time and could run multiple websites. I had planned to start an online publication and run a personal photography site, in that pre-Instagram era.

However, my day job as an 8th grade Science teacher kept requiring a greater investment in time and personal commitment and I was never able to write on my blog on a regular basis. During the past fifteen years of my life since leaving the business world, I have had a distinguished career as a professional educator and the students I have taught have always excelled when it came to standardized testing, consistently beating the state averages. However, that is just numbers that were invented by politicians and bureaucrats to justify monkeying around with the education system in this country. The true metric that I have measured my effectiveness as an educator by has been the success of my my students, some who are now doctors, lawyers, engineers and many others who are productive, tax paying citizens of our country who are now raising families of their own.

During this time, I had developed my photographic skills to a level where I was able to pursue a side gig as a photojournalist & photographer. However, writing has always been an interest, so this blog is where I will merge my freelance photojournalistic projects along with my writing and investigative journalism efforts. I am still trying to decide what this new project will eventually look like, or develop into.

However, I still have to see if it will be possible to re-constitute my content since leaving GoDaddy’s hosting service. I have my backup files from my self-hosted site, but am having trouble getting WordPress.com to recognize the files during my import attempts.

However, it all boils down to fact that it is GoDaddy who is to blame, because of their lack of security! My self-hosted site was always beset many scumbags from all over the world trying to compromise my site from all corners of the planet, including sometimes clowns from Washington, DC! I did all that was possible within my skill set to lock down my site and keep intruders out, including two-step encryption access to my CPanel login screen into my Linux server. It seemed to do the trick for awhile, then I started having problems logging in to GoDaddy itself. According to the “not so very helpful” technical support, I should not have had any difficulties logging in to either the GoDaddy website, or my server.  However, despite trying to log into GoDaddy with or without my VPN running and from various locations, I was always immediately locked out of logging onto their website:


Then, after I found a way to get back onto GoDaddy’s webpage and access my server, I reconstituted the site and began to work on content. However, I started having one particular IP address constantly trying to login as an administrator to my WordPress site. It happened several times, but my site limited the number of attempts to logon and locks out those IP addresses that go past a certain number of login attempts and notifies me via email of the intrusion attempt.


When I finally decided to check out this persistent pain-in-the-ass, the IP address went back to someone INSIDE GoDaddy themselves. Well, back to the lame ass, script reading technical support goons at GoDaddy I went. I was bounced around for over an hour after informing them that someone inside GoDaddy was trying to access my WordPress site. Every time I pressed him to trace that IP address and turn the offender over to their internal security, I got put on hold so the script reading functionary could call someone else for assistance on what to do next. I was finally given a “bogus” email address at GoDaddy to file a complaint and my marathon no-help-at-all session came to an end!

Then, I will be damned if the intrusion attempts didn’t continue from THE EXACT SAME GoDaddy IP address! So I ran one one last backup of my WordPress site, cancelled my hosting plan and decided to look for another, more secure hosting option.

I logged on to WordPress.com to see if my old content still existed online under my account and it still did.  I saw that WordPress.com (Automattic, Inc.) had made large improvements in the level of services offered since I left their platform. Since I am more interested in content creation than being a web master & IT security specialist, I upgraded my free site and now…I’M BACK!

I have more to say in the in the future about GoDaddy, but in the mean time, I still have several domain names that I own which GoDaddy is the registrar for, so I need to find a new home to transfer these to. However, I will soon, as Paul Harvey would say, share “the rest of the story”!

Just Another Example of Mr. and Mrs. America Getting Screwed!


America is being set up for a change that is definitely not for the better!

A foreign company named Cintra with direct ties to the King of Spain is constructing a toll-road that will be part of a monster known as the Trans-Texas Corridor. This is a toll-road that goes directly through Texas and will be part of the monster NAFTA superhighway (NASCO). Take a look at this monster…


This is just a perfect example of Globalism run amok! This Spanish company is not only building the Trans Texas Corridor, but has recently bought interests in toll roads in Virginia, Indiana, Texas and Chicago, Illinois. This giant network of toll roads that will be criss-crossing North America will be generating billions of dollars for Cintra, along with their financial partner, an Australian investment consortium named Macquarie.

Now here is the real smelly part. The financial partner, Macquarie, is in the process of purchasing a large number of newspapers that were among the most vocal critics of this giant foreign land grab and putting the brakes on the dissenting opinions, aka First Amendment protected freedom of speech!

The biggest cheerleader in Texas for this abomination is our own Governor Goodhair, Rick Perry. He thinks this scheme is a good opportunity for Texas’ future…BULLSHIT!

The money-grubbing, foreign greedhead, puppet masters are pulling the strings on our marionette Governor.

Texas and federal legislators are trying to stop the planned highway/toll road system, but I have little faith they will be successful. The greedheads usually always start with “the deck” stacked in their favor.

Again, this is just the loss of the sovereignty of the United States of America, one scheme at a time!

Senators Fear Citizen Journalist…aka Bloggers!

It seems there is a bill currently before the U.S. Senate that would require bloggers with a readership over 500 to register as lobbyist and report to Congress on a quarterly basis. WTF?

Does anyone in Washington give a crap about freedom of speech and what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is all about?

It appears that not only does this bill impose fines and jail time on any blogger who would criticize Congress, but also big time issue oriented mouthpieces, such as Richard Viguerie of GrassRootsFreedom.com and the 300 pound gorilla of “free speech”, Rev. James Dobson of Focus on the Family. Section 220 of S.1 would effectively make it illegal for bloggers and grassroots organizations to exercise their First Amendment rights!

First it was the Bush administration with the squelching of Constitutionally guaranteed rights, now Congress wants to get into the act!

Hey, Ladies and Gentleman that are our elected representatives in Washington, let me give you a little advice…“DO THE JOB THE PEOPLE ELECTED YOU TO DO AND REPRESENT THEIR INTERESTS ABOVE ALL OTHER AND YOU WON”T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT NEGATIVE CRITICISM!

Now how hard is that to figure out?

big brother

The two faces of a politician!

Lying Bastard

Gaze upon the face of a lying bastard!

Texas’ own Governor Goodhair, Rick Perry…yep,total lying political scumbag (and of course, GWB’s hand picked replacement)!

First, before the 2006 election, Perry was all talk about border security and illegal immigrants. Then, after the election there is no more talk of truly increasing the number of people securing the border,just adding a few more cameras to help out! He said during the campaign if the federal government wasn’t going to exercise their responsibility to secure the borders, he would!

Great help Gov!

Hey, I bet the videos that will be obtained from these cameras would make good YouTube video clips. Hell, maybe a TV network can come up with some type of reality show…call it “The Illegal Race”, or “Hide and Seek – Texas Border”.


Well,if you are from Oklahoma, New Mexico or any other state and a LEGAL US CITIZEN, you will be paying up to three times as much for college tuition than a Texas resident. However, if you are an illegal immigrant who just sneaked into Texas…hell you get to pay the in-state rate for tuition!

Great Job Goodhair!

Now that just gives more incentive for illegal immigrants to violate our borders and thumb their noses at our laws!

Free schools, free lunch, free medical care and now subsidized college tuition…courtesy of the overworked, overtaxed citizens of Texas and the other 49 states of the union.


Sieg Heil! Constitution…we don’t need any stinkin’ Constitution!

The Fuhrer

The Gestapo, KGB and now the Defense Intelligence Agency!

I was taught in my college government classes that the CIA and the military had little, if no jurisdiction in domestic law enforcement. The War on Terror has given the Commandant in Chief and his minions at the Pentagon free will to subvert constitutional rights of individuals right and left! Sure, you have the right of assembly…but Uncle Sam becomes Uncle Cam and puts all who attend any protest of the government in their super secret photo database. The right to redress the government, or facilitate peaceful change…well that gets you your own case file with ALL the alphabet agencies.

You might say…”awwh Captain, you are just being too hard on the Guardians of Liberty (Ha Ha)”.

WELL, I am one of those who are in those databases and are considered a potential problem. In the next few weeks,I intend to share my experience with the New Orwellian Police State of America,and EVERYTHING that caused me to become a target for illegal snooping on the part of the Feds and the lengths the bastards will go to!

, but nowadays…that doesn’t amount to a pile of crap!

So stay tuned for that series of post!

P.S. Hey Dick…how’s the ol’ ticker?

Pizza Power to help small countries!

What the hell?

Is this is just another sign of things to come?

I wonder if the franchisees of Pizza Patron know something that we don’t know? Pizza Patron to start taking pesos for pizzas?

Maybe they suspect the Dollar is about to take a huge drop and this is just a way to diversify their currency risk. Or, it could be business strategy to capture “unseen” market share (translated, the business of illegal aliens) that are thick throughout the Southwest, which happens to be the market area of Pizza Patron.

It is hard enough finding workers that can count change correctly, but now will Pizza Patron be requiring specialist in foreign currency exchange!

Here is an idea for free markets helping others!

If I was the landlord of a Pizza Patron franchisee, I would require Pizza Patron to deliver their monthly rent in a different currency each month, such as Russian rubles, then Swedish Kronar, and to help out our new best buddies, the Iraqi government , the dinar. Let them use their new expertise in currency exchange to help others!

Hell, this could replace some of the aid that we give small countries and help them with their currency. Imagine, if Pizza Patron sells a few million dollars worth of pizzas to the U.S. government to feed the homeless and requires them to pay in a currency, such as the Bangladeshian Taka. I am sure the government of Bangladesh would appreciate the increased liquidity this would supply to their currency…plus we feed many of our homeless!

Or could this be an elaborate money laundering scheme…maybe we should look at that possibility as well

I just know that Pizza Patron’s locations look like a Little Caesar’s knockoff, and their pizzas aren’t that great!

Oops…she did it again!

Brittney Crunked

Dateline Las Vegas:

America’s Princess of Excess, Britney Spears passes out in a Las Vegas nightclub, dead drunk and has to be carried out by her “handlers”. It seems that this is the second time it has happened in as many weeks.


Where are the positive role models today? Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Lindsay Lohan…and now Ms. USA Tara Conner goes into rehab. These are great role models that our young girls have to idolize today…lets just let them turn out as wannabe, star obsessed pleasure sluts. Its only the future of the country we are talking about!

Also, the same goes for our young men too…wannabee rappers and players.

No wonder we are despised around the world!

Thank you for flying Oceania Airlines to the New World Order!

It is bad enough that our government is routinely spying on everyone and anybody these days,but to make innocent travelers subject to open-ended snooping without probable cause is quite terrifying, to say the least!

So now, if a British traveler uses a credit card to book a flight across the pond, it automatically subjects them to a warrant less search. Agencies, such as Homeland Security and others can look into the travelers credit record, on a whim. Furthermore, if the same traveler gives an e-mail address to their airline, it subjects that e-mail address/person to potential snooping without due process and a warrant issued.

George Orwell must be screaming…“I tried to warn you”!

This is interesting…a traveler to this country pays for his airline ticket in cash, he is a terrorism suspect, now the rest of the plane load of travelers are “potential terrorist”. Hey guys…where is the Fourth Amendment? I also find it hard to believe that the European Union (EU) is going along with this!

The further erosion of privacy rights are getting to the point where George Orwell’s world of 1984 and ours is starting to bear striking resemblances…such as;

1. Big Brother is watching you – This really needs no elaboration, given the fact that we have “sh@t-canned” the Fourth Amendment for all intensive purposes. Big Brother (Homeland Security, NSA,CIA,DIA,FBI, etc) no longer need a warrant for almost any type of surveillance, if there is a “perceived” need.

2. The Perpetual War
– In Orwell,s 1984, the world has three major states, and are always at a constant state of war. This war has many parallels to the current War on Terror. The war in 1984 became the bedrock of the world’s economy. Government ministries were organized to fight the war, and use propaganda methods to “color” the truth to serve the state’s need to “reinforce” the war effort. Orwell used a term called “doublethink”, which I will let Orwell’s own words explain the definition;

“The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them. … To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just so long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies—all this is indispensably necessary. Even in using the word doublethink it is necessary to exercise doublethink. For by using the word one admits that one is tampering with reality; by a fresh act of doublethink one erases this knowledge; and so on indefinitely, with the lie always one leap ahead of the truth”

Doublethink was “reality control” by the state to re-write history to serve its purposes. This is spin doctoring, plain and simple. This task was accomplished by by “newspeak”, a version of the English language that assisted in the “spin” process. Hallmarks of this process are a) the removal of all shades of meaning from the language, such as stating things in black or white terms , for example, “…you are either against the terrorist, or you are with them”. b) The use of “political correctness”, though euphemisms like “collateral damage”, instead of civilians bombed and killed, or use of terms such as framing one group in a positive way, so that the other side of the position is automatically perceived as negative. An example of this would be where someone was “pro-life, where the natural other side of the position is “assumed” to be “pro-death”, or “pro-choice” vs. “anti-choice”. c) The total overuse of abbreviations and acronyms where the acronyms become words themselves, such as NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement), or better yet USA Patriot Act (Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001). The Patriot Act was also designed to strengthen and protect the borders of The United States and to make improvements in intelligence gathering, in which the record has been dismal, compared to the industrial strength snooping brought on by the act. People associate the Patriot Act with only increased surveillance, but this act also brought us the Frankenstein arm of Big Brother known as the Department of Homeland Security and its total rearrangement of our government after 2001. So, in the case of an acronym…’what’s in a name…indeed”!

3. Societal Decline and Those Who Benefit – Society in Orwell’s 1984 was organized as to have virtually no middle class. THe following graphic depicts the societal organization of Orwell’s “fictional” world:

Societal Organization in Orwell’s 1984

As one can see, the government (Big Brother) and a very elite group of citizens known as the “Inner Party” controlled the operation of society. The Outer party, which carried out the decrees and directives of Big Brother and The Inner Party. The main part of society was The Proles. . Their functions were simple: work and breed. They did not care much about anything else than taking care of home and family, quarreling with neighbors, watching some films and football, drinking beer, and above all buying the lottery tickets. They were not required to express their support to the Party. They were only required to show primitive patriotism. The Party created special meaningless songs, novels, even pornography for the proles.

Our society is “eaten up” with their devotion to sports, following “wanna be” celebrity lifestyles, consuming ALL things Hollywood and the “big score” of instant wealth. The middle class is eroding in this country and we are moving towards a societal structure not unlike that of Orwell’s fictional (or prophetic) world. Combine this with the “dumbing down of America”, and Orwell’s world in 1984 is fast becoming our world.

So, each time a little more or our freedom and liberties are taken away…just pop a top, plop on the couch and watch a DVD. Big Brother and The Decider know what is best for ALL of us!

The Demander in Chief is Running out of Army Men!

I loved the scenes in the old Hollywood movies where kings and generals had these large tables or floor areas and a map would be sat upon it. On this map would be little figures of soldiers, cannons, ships, etc. This was the method used to plan out attack strategies and scenarios, an early version of strategic planning and “command and control”. I wonder if GWB has such a setup in the Oval Office?

If he does, and needs more soldiers for the battlefield, all he has to do is send an aide to Toys-R-Us to buy more. In the real world, things aren’t that simple!

GWB is calling for an increase in troop levels by increasing the size of the Army and Marine Corps. He finally “realizes” that we are NOT winning in Iraq and those pesky Taliban that we defeated and chased across the border into Pakistan (our ally) have come back and are starting to add to the killed American troop figures again.

Considering the fact that we could at any moment need troops to deal with a crisis in another area such as dealing with that “troll doll” Kim Jong Il in North Korea or an escalation in the Middle East by the Iranians and their nutbag leader Ahmadinejad, it seems we are left with quite a quandary for “The Decider” to decide on.

It takes 30-45 days for a recruit to go through basic training alone. This would make that person a “minimally” trained soldier. Our’s is a military of specialization and training soldiers on our high-tech weapons systems surely takes more than a few weeks. Then, you have to consider how are you going to get these extra troops? Recruiting goals are either not being met, or barely being met, depending on who you talk to. The figure stated in the press is at least a 7000 person increase. In order to get the 7000 people, it is going to take awhile. Also, how many troops currently in the Army and Marine Corps now serving are going to be leaving the “War on Terror” battlefield in the near future because their commitments are up? Additionally, what of the National Guard troops that are being utilized now? They can’t be used indefinitely to shore up gapping holes in the war plan that the regular troops can’t fulfill. Sounds like 2007 will be the year that the nasty five letter word will have to be issued from The Decider’s lips…DRAFT!

The treaty commitments and alliances that we are honor bound to fill if the military is needed somewhere else could become the “straw that broke the camels back”. All it takes is one more conflict and we are in a fix. The reason we have been a success on the stage of foreign affairs has been the might of our military to back up our position. American foreign policy has gone from negotiating from a position of strength to pleading with our dwindling list of Allies for “consensus”.

SCREW CONSENSUS! There are religious zealots wearing towels on their heads that want us dead to convert to Islam and submit to its 14th Century ways, or to die. The segment of people in the “religion of peace” that feel this way is growing day by day. GWB does have one thing right, this War on Terror will go on for at least a generation, because the flames of radical Islam are being fed by those who we are helping through our dependence on oil. If you eliminate the need for a predominately petroleum based energy infrastructure, the Middle East will once again become a region of minor importance on the globe.

Pat Buchanan had a good article on the above that eloquently further illustrates the dangers of our lack of trained soldiers and it is worth a read. He especially reinforces my “Wolf Kill” theory (see previous post) about the current world situation that we find ourselves in. The following quote from his article highlights this…

Our Army, says Abizaid, is not “built to sustain a long war.” Yet we are committed by NATO to defend Central and Eastern Europe – including the Baltic republics and the eastern Balkans, against a resurgent Russia. We are committed to defend Israel, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states from Iran. We are committed to defend Afghanistan from the Taliban, South Korea from North Korea, and Japan and Taiwan from China.

The American Imperium is hollow. We have nowhere near the troops to sustain the security commitments and war guarantees we have ladled out. Like the Brits in 1945, ours is an overstretched empire with a sinking currency, whose enemies are salivating at the prospect of being in on the kill.

Pat Buchanan is spot on…and we need to get ready for the next chapter of The War on Terror, and fast!

Hey George…wake up and smell the coffee!

How long will it take the idiots in Washington to learn that when you are the “king of the hill” superpower, there are those who want to knock you off the top!

Two news stories during this news cycle illustrate this point perfectly.

First, it turns out that the Chinese now have working knowledge of our B-2 Stealth bomber through their extensive espionage efforts . The scumbag alleged scumbag Noshir Gowadia, a former defense contractor, not only passed secrets to the Chinese, but went to help China to improve cruise missile technology. If there is ever a case for a firing squad, this is it! Screw the Johnathan Pollard type sentences of long prison terms. I guarantee you start shooting a few of these spies and that will be a real deterrent to espionage! Hell, make it pay-for-view with the proceeds going to the widows and orphans of servicemen and women who lost their lives on our recent misadventures in Iraq!

This story also illustrates a LARGE threat to our national security that will be growing even larger in the future!

Because our elected officials at the state and national level continue to give “lip service” to the need for true education reform, we graduate fewer engineers and scientist in this country and have to go the “outsourcing” route to continue providing the defense and technology industries with a competent workforce. Despite the best screening efforts, this will only serve to increase the potential that more espionage is likely to occur in the future. Eighth grade students in China are taking pre-calculus…where as a good number of eighth graders in America can’t even do long division, or read and write competently!

The second news story that shows we need to tighten up our act as a country when it comes to foreign policy is our “buddies”, the Russians are selling their most advanced anti-aircraft missile systems to Iran. Remember, Ol’ Georgie Jr. looked into the eyes of Vlad the Terrible (Russian President, Vladimir Putin) and said he could see into his soul. Hey George, was this the same sight that let you see those infamous weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

Hey…let me let you in on a little secret…Putin was KGB, and those guys don’t quit. You can put sheep’s clothing on a wolf, but it’s still a wolf and will bite and kill when the right opportunity presents itself. Again, today the news has something on this thread of discussion. Ex-Russian KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko died because of radioactive poisoning. Mr. Litvinenko probably knew better than almost anybody which closet Putin keeps his skeletons in. Litvinenko was on a crusade to hold Russia accountable for past injustices and show Putin for what he is, a New Age Stalin hiding behind the facade of democracy!

There is an old saying in Texas…you can deal with a rattlesnake as long as you always remember you are dealing with a rattlesnake and know which end is the deadly end (the end you chop off its head)!