The Food Chain Enters the Digital Age

As a science teacher, one of the goals of my teaching style is to provide relevance in my lessons to everyday life. I have been watching this news story regarding the release of Sony’s PlayStation 3 with continuing amazement.

Since the idea of sitting endlessly for hours playing some video game does not appeal to me, the idea that some couch potatoes would spend 3-4 days camped out in front of a store for a video gaming system is ludicrous. I mean, don’t these people have anything else to do, LIKE JOBS!

Well, I am sure that Sony’s executives are loving the exposure that the media has been giving their product launch of the PlayStation 3 game console (PS3), until the other losers with no jobs (the thugs) try ripping off the retailers of the PS3 and preying upon the couch potatoes by robbing them of the money they brought with them to purchase a PS3 or the game console itself. Furthermore, the idea of someone refusing to hand over a box of silicon chips and wires and getting shot over it is just plain stupid!

As I reflected upon this news story it hit me… this news story can serve a direct and relevant example to teach the concept of the food chain to my students!

The first level of the food chain are the producers, the bottom of the food chain, usually plants that other animals feed on. In the case of our news story, Sony is at the bottom of the food chain by being the producer of the PS3.

The next level of the food chain is the first level consumer, usually an animal such as a mouse that eats the plants (producers). In our little analogy, the lumps camping out waiting to purchase their idea of digital nirvana are the first level consumer, the mice. Then we come to the next level of the food chain, the second level consumer…the predator!

In this analogy it is pretty obvious that the thieving scumbags are the predators, just like the rattlesnake that eats the mouse. In preparing my lesson on the food chain, I found the perfect picture that perfectly depicts this PS3 – food chain analogy.

Food Chain

The one thing to remember is that the food chain has higher levels…eagle snake 2