Fiber Optics Kills the Fourth Amendment

I always knew there was FAR more to the illegal wiretapping programs of the Bush-Cheney wannabe dictatorship, but this recent news story is probably still not the entire story regarding the total efforts to turn “The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” into a Dictatorship of Senseless Surveillance.

Having experienced the unconstitutional efforts of Uncle Sam’s snoopers in regards to my investigative journalism efforts and political activities in the past, I am sure more is happening in this country than just the wholesale monitoring of the electronic communications of individuals without probable cause and warrants.

Who’s to say who gets access to the information gleaned from this effort.

I know of a lady who once told me a story of something she came across during her employment as a network engineer for the telephone company in Lufkin, Texas. According to what she told me, she came across an unauthorized tap right at the switch and she said the F.B.I was possibly involved. After her discovery of this, she says her career came to an end through harassment and intimidation from her employer.

Her story of government wrong doing intersects my own through mutual friends and situations.

Recently, she contacted me about telling her story via my blog. I have tried to verify her story in the past, but have never been totally successful. I have been torn about her story, what has become of her and where the truth of all things lie, but it might be interesting to post her story and see what happens.

I truly don’t know if she and her story is for real, or she is a disinformation plant trying to screw with me, but if it is, it has been going on for over two years and the in their efforts, the scumbags involved one of Houston’s largest churches that has received recent national attention in the main stream media.

Your Captain will keep you updated on this one!